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[[| Laszlo Gyorfi]] was born in July 1947 in Hercegfalva, Hungary.  He is affiliated with the Department of Computer Sciences and Information Theory, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.  He is an ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2001.

His research interests include [[Main/stochastic prediction]] and [[Main/competitive on-line prediction]] (applications to finance).

His main publications are:

* L. Devroye and L. Gyorfi (1985) Nonparametric Density Estimation: the L1 View, Wiley. Russian translation: Mir, 1988.
* L. Gyorfi, W. Hardle, P. Sarda, Ph. Vieu (1989) Nonparametric Curve Estimation from Time Series, Lecture Notes in Statistics, Springer.
* L. Devroye, L. Gyorfi, G. Lugosi (1996) Probabilistic Theory of Pattern Recognition, Springer, New York.
* L. Gyorfi, M. Kohler, A. Krzyzak, H. Walk (2002) A Distribution-Free Theory of Nonparametric Regression, Springer, New York.
* L. Gyorfi (Ed.) (2002) Principles of Nonparametric Learning, Springer, Vienna.